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 Forum Rules

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Male Capricorn
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:13 am

I want to introduce here all the rules of the forums. They are very simple and some of them if disrespected will result into a instant ban(they will be in red), if not, you will only receive a warning.

  • No porn
  • No Advertisements
  • Big images should be in thumbnail
  • Follow the forum template
  • Be gently
  • Use the search
  • Suspicious codes
  • No big fonts
  • Use colors only when needed
  • No warez! - This is a legal forum!

Remember that everything posted here will be visible to all, then your code will be shown for all, and people could copy them, but this is good. Very Happy

Best Regards,
Nathan Paulino Campos

Main Development Languages C/C++ - Java - Java EE - Java ME - C# - Visual Basic - 8086, ARM, MIPS, z80 and 6502 Assembly - Delphi - WML - Pascal - Ruby
My Devices HTC S711(Vox) - HP iPAQ Hx2920b - Palm T|X - Palm z22 - HP Jornada 720 - iPod Touch 3g 64GB - Motorola Milestone - Nokia E61 - Nokia N95 - LG MG280 - Nokia 6101 - Mio Moov 560 - TI Nspire
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Forum Rules
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